Transforming paper catalog users into digital addicts


23 web shops in 20 different countries

Catalog Shopping

Manutan is a pan-European office and warehouse supplies company. It consists of 8 store brands, each with over 50,000 products in each catalog. The catalogs contains everything a business needs: basic paper clip, furniture, tools, forklift and even a range of products for maintenance, and safety. However, despite the trends in eCommerce, its paper catalog was preferred by over 65% of customers. The challenge was to convert this traditional offline catalog business into online digital ordering and to increase customer acquisition.

Digital Addicts

Valtech researched the needs and expectations of end-customers and how they used the current catalog. A new global platform was then built that was true to the Manutan customer experience, and also at the cutting edge of eCommerce practices. With the new eCommerce platform built on IBM WebSphere Commerce, products are easy to find and buy, and the service offering has been expanded resulting in upsell and cross opportunities, increased conversion rate.

Increased Conversion

23 web shops are operational in 20 different countries, generating over 1.5 million unique visitors per month since the new platform roll-out, supporting 17 languages, 6 brands of online stores, 11 currencies.