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GE Healthcare

An asset management system that really helps connect intelligence and care for GE

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GE Healthcare is a global company offering transformational medical technologies and services. The company was unable to manage and track utilization of these assets and its usage pattern across labs in different sites, leading to under-performance of both assets and laborers.Doctor and child

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To address the issue, Valtech developed a real-time customizable web application for analytical statistics of asset utilization over a large dataset with efficient, intuitive and robust search capabilities. The dashboard provides insights into various asset utilization, such as its usage trends over a defined time frame, geographical location, asset classification and their usage pattern with materialized views, leading to performance optimization at both the organizational and business levels.

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The application not only handles more than 500 assets per site but transacts over 40 to 50 million records refreshed in less than 2 seconds. It also gives a 360 degree group asset utilization report, which has helped in providing accurate insights about asset utilization run time and supports additional purchases and management decisions.