Data meets UI: Scalable, beautiful and valuable


Award winning solution for a broadcaster with global audiences. How to visualise data for diffuse and varied stakeholders in real time.

An international and British broadcasting company required a multi-platform data portal through which a wide array of information was available. They required the solution to be clean, easy to use and reliable. It would be used as a business intelligence tool for up to 2,000 users with a high level of usability, displaying the data from multiple channels’ audience behaviours.

Valtech collaborated with Typesafe to use their stack in creating a scalable dashboard on which could be displayed the relevant data in relevant formats. The portal is viewable on multiple devices so access is never more than a few clicks or taps away. It is a unique platform for a unique broadcaster, as international reach required a solution that would display local and global audience trends on the same screen. It is a powerful tool underneath, but simple on the front end. Valtech’s UX/UI and Developer teams worked together to provide the British broadcaster with something that looked fantastic, but also works seamlessly.

It was created in 9-10 weeks including load balancing. Inbound velocity was the challenge – multiple data sources with multiple inbound velocities - nobody up until this point had built a readily available BBC board management information narrative.

For a more technical run-down of how Oliver Wickham and the team developed the solution, head here

The Broadcaster was highly satisfied with their product, which has paved the way for a relationship in which Valtech can create solutions for future projects that exceed their expectations.

BBC Stream won “Best Application of Data” at the Market Research Society Awards in 2013: “This Award, new for 2013, is intended to single out a significant research project which has an innovative use of data at its heart. The BBC won with their excellent case study of how online usage files for BBC services have been converted into a very useful information source. This is big data with vast quality and timely delivery."

The judges said: “This is a nice straightforward application of Big Data, with its business impact and future influence clearly evidenced.”