Mio’s first ever e-commerce website


Mio has over 50 years' experience of in-store retail. In six months we evolved that knowledge into a seamless digital experience. This was the pilot of Mio's first e-commerce solution.

Words to live by

“The central experience on the web should be just as inspiring as in the store.” The first words Mio said to us in preparation for the development of their e-commerce website. With 60 stores in Sweden, Mioasked Valtech to get customers exploring their large catalog online in a simple, elegant and playful way, increasing conversion rates, and enabling the run of campaigns alongside other products.


Learning the ropes

Before the project, Mio had no experience in e-commerce, which is why they sought a partner who could both act as advisors as well as implement a custom e-commerce solution. Using a combination of Enfernos Storm and N2's open source CMS, Valtech developed an effective and inspiring e-commerce site that is easy to update and maintain.

Home sweet homepage

50 years in the making, Mio’s vast in-store experience was transformed into a seamless digital experience. The first of Mio’s extensive history. As a long-term digital partner, Valtech continues to manage and further develop the system while more and more people are now buying furniture from their digital couch.

The central experience on the web should be just as inspiring as in the store.