Sebastian Lombardo, CEO - Chairman of the Board

Sebastian Lombardo

CEO - Chairman of the Board

Dear Shareholders,

Since 1993, Valtech has consistently strengthened its reputation among major brands across the world by creating and building the very best technology to meet their needs. With our proven capacity to reinvent ourselves in an ever-evolving market, we will continue to position Valtech where technology changes the world, for our clients and the consumer.

With marketing budgets shifting increasingly to digital marketing, IT and marketing are converging rapidly, making it necessary for CIOs and CMOs to better collaborate to deliver creative experiences and technology support platforms that will make them successful in a digital world. The challenge is to rationalise, industrialise and optimise initiatives in the shortest time to market, and to be resilient and responsive to change.

Therefore, our customers need a hybrid partner with proven expertise in connecting the dots between technology, business goals and consumer insights, combining strong creative and UX capabilities with robust technological acumen.

Ever since we assumed leadership of Valtech in March 2010, our vision and goals have been to create exactly that type of next-generation, cutting-edge digital agency.

Drawing from our expertise and vision, our teams create memorable digital experiences for our clients; fully connected with relevant content that engages customers and sustains conversations with brands. In simple words, we build the platforms that allow our customers to do marketing and commerce at the digital age.

As the market consolidates, Valtech’s strong international presence and reputable client portfolio, along with its long-term market vision make our company one of the unique worldwide players able to claim global industry leadership, creating maximum value for customers, employees and shareholders.

We invite you to join the new Valtech on our exciting journey into the future, be part of our vision and share in our success.

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